What are Carbide Burrs Used For

carbide burrs are usually used in conjunction with high-speed electric grinders or pneumatic tools, which can be used for finishing various metal cavities;cleaning up flash, burrs and welds of casting,forging, welding and other parts;processing chamfers of various mechanical part,Rounding,beveling and keyway;polishing the impeller runner parts;cleaning the pipeline;finishing the inner surface of the mechanical parts;processing various metal and non-metal carvings.

Carbide burrs can basically replace small grinding wheels with handles for processing cast iron,cast steel,carbon steel,alloy steel,stainless steel,copper,aluminum and other metals,as well as marble,jade,bones and other non-metals.Processing hardness can reach HRA≤85,no dust pollution.Compared with traditional machine tools,the carbide burr has the characteristics of high production efficiency,good processing quality,and high finish.It can process various high-precision mold cavities and has a long service life.It is ten times more durable than high-speed steel tools and 200 times more durable than small grinding wheels.The operation method of the carbide rotary burr is simple,convenient,safe and reliable.Generally speaking,the use of carbide bur can reduce the overall processing cost by several tens of times.But for the sake of safety,when using the carbide burr on pneumatic or electric tools,it must be clamped.At the same time,the cutting direction should move evenly from left to right,and not reciprocating cutting like using a grinding wheel;be careful not to apply too much force.



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