The General Analysis of FAQ on Carbide Inserts

1)Backstage wear (common form of effectiveness)

Impact: The size of the workpiece gradually changes or the surface finish decreases.
Reason Caused: The line speed is too high,reaching the tool service life.
Measures: Adjust the processing parameters,such as reducing the line speed and using a carbide inserts with higher wear resistance.

2)The problem of inserts collapse (bad effectiveness)
Impact: The workpiece size or surface finish changes suddenly,causing sparks and surface burrs.
Reason caused:The parameter setting is inappropriate,the material of carbide inserts is not suitable,the rigidity of the workpiece is not good, the inserts clamping is asymmetrical.
Measures: Check whether the parameter setting is reasonable,and select the corresponding tool according to the workpiece material.

3)Serious fracture (very bad effective form)
Impact:Suddenly unpredictable,resulting in scrapped tool holder or scrapped workpieces.
Reason: The processing parameters are set incorrectly, and the vibrating tool workpiece or inserts is not installed in place.
Measures: Set reasonable processing parameters, reduce the feed rate and cutting speed, and select the corresponding inserts to strengthen the rigidity of the workpiece and inserts.

4) Built-up edge
Impact: Inconsistent size of the workpiece, poor surface finish, and lint or burrs attached to the surface of the workpiece.
Reason: The cutting speed is too low, and the carbide inserts is not sharp enough to feed.
Measures: Increase the cutting speed and use a sharper carbide inserts to feed.



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