The Simple Introduction of Carbide Spot Drill Bits

The shape of the carbide centering drill is short and thick, and the chip flute is very short. Its carbide drill tip geometry is just enough to drill a shallow hole on the surface of the workpiece. Compared with standard drill bits, the chisel edge of the centering drill is very thin, which can effectively cut the workpiece material.

Carbide spot drills are no longer limited to drilling centering holes. For example, you can also mill the edge, drilling and Milling Cutters integrated, the angle can also be 60 °, 90 °, 118 °, 135 ° and 140 °, etc., can be used for a variety of processing: drilling centering holes, engraving, chamfering and remove edge burrs, etc.

Carbide spot drills can also be used to machine chamfered holes before formal drilling. By controlling the drilling depth of the centering drill, the required chamfer aperture can be formed while determining the hole position. You can make a centering hole for secondary drilling in the same step, and at the same time form a chamfer at the hole. Slightly increasing the centering drilling depth can form a hole larger than the diameter of the secondary drill. In this way, when you drill with a smaller diameter secondary drill, you can get a larger diameter chamfer at the orifice.

Blow are our standard sizes of carbide spot drills for reference.



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