The Preventive Methods for Easy Breakage of Carbide Woodcutting Inserts

1. Don't touch cement, stones and metal objects;
2. Prevent the slipknot on the wood from popping up and hurting people; 
3.When installing the carbide indexable woodworking inserts,keep the three knives on a circle;
4. Choose a lower cutting speed, increase the feed rate, and increase the depth of the cutting edge; 
5. Reasonable cutting angle, rake angle, auxiliary relief angle, the larger the blade angle, the faster the grinding operation; 
6. The feeding speed should be controlled well, and slow but not fast; 
7. Sharpen the blade frequently and keep the blade straight; 
8. All pressure bar screws must be fixed; 
9. Choose reasonable tool materials;
10. Sharpening the tip of the knife.



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