The Application and Development of Tungsten Carbide Rods

In recent years,the production of tungsten carbide rods is increasing in China.However,with the increasing demand,the situation that there is more need than the supply appears in the short time. At the meantime,its quality requirements also face difficulties.At present,the detection of carbide rod in the domestic is generally artificial way which needs more human do the experiment. And the result of the test is not stable.As a result,the automatic-testing equipment is gradually in the favor of the vendor.

Carbide has a series of excellent properties such as tough hardness, great wear resistance, powerful strength, wonderful resistance to bending,long life and so on.Tungsten carbide rod is the resource of carbide cutting tools.At present,we mainly adopts the process of the powder extrusion molding which now is widely used in making drill,automotive tools,printed circuit board,cutting tools,the overall vertical Milling Cutter,reamer,carving knife and so on.At the same time,it can be used to make punch,mandrel,top and punch tools.

With the surging demand,the ultra-fine tungsten carbide rod has been more and more widely used.In the field of high speed cutting,due to the high standard,security,reliability,durability,solid carbide cutting tools have the strict requirements of quality in the inner and surface.With the inceasing enhancing of the inner and surface of the tungsten carbide,more and more attention are paid to the quality of the surface of carbide cutting tools.

Our country offers a huge variety of solid carbide cutting tools such as milling cutting tools, drilling bits, plug gauge with tungsten carbide rod.There are many materials to choose from.The highest hardness can reach 94.5 (HRA) for processing a variety of difficult processing materials such as titanium alloy.At the same time,our country can provide a variety of blunt needle, punch with carbide rod.You can see that the carbide rod has been used widely and the market prospect is very considerable.In the face of increasing demand for tungsten carbide rods,traditional detection methods can not be fast,accurate and effective.So many manufacturers have the urgent demand for automatic testing equipment.



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